Camp Luther

This past spring, we helped Camp Luther in Mission, BC, repair and restore one of their cabins. Below is the wonderful review we received from Camp Luther's Executive Director, Matt Castle.

“We had a three-bedroom cabin on our property that was in need of some repair and renovate. The problem was we didn't know where to start. The cabin is over 50 years old, and we were unsure if it contained mould or asbestos and how that would affect our building renovation plans. We called ServiceMaster to have the scope of the project better understood. They did a thorough inspection of the cabin and made suggestions. We decided to move forward with a major removal of the walls and ceiling due to the detection of asbestos. Their professional team worked diligently and tirelessly for many days and when the project was complete, we knew had a cabin ready for us to rebuild safely. ServiceMaster Restore was a pleasure to work with because of their professional and friendly business. We are so happy that they have been a part of this place and now we know who to call for future projects. Thanks Ed and Daniel!”

Here are some pictures of the work that was done for this project.





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